Rethink Mental Illness is a leading provider of mental health services in England, and with over 200 services, we have the experience and record of success that makes commissioning us straightforward and effective.

We support people who are severely affected by mental illness and our specialist workforce can work with individuals with the most complex needs. We know that mental illness does not have to mean the end of someone’s hopes and dreams. Every day we support people to realise their potential as we work to improve the lives of the millions affected by mental illness.

Using our wide range of skills and experience, we look for new ways to tackle the problems associated with mental illness and aim to offer innovative services that break the mould of mental health service provision. We continually monitor our services to ensure that they offer the highest quality and meet the needs of those who use our services and of our commissioners.

People using our service recently told us:

  • 98% of people using our services said they got the right support
  • 95% of people in our services felt our staff actively listened to them
  • 95% of people who used our services would use them again if needed

We have a strong record of developing and delivering services in partnership with commissioners, government, the statutory sector, voluntary organisations and other providers. Rethink Mental Illness offers 90 services across England, these include:

  • Crisis houses
  • Community support
  • Supported housing
  • Advocacy
  • Registered care
  • Psychological therapies
  • Helplines
  • Carers

Recovery is at the heart of everything we do and we believe a meaningful and rewarding life is possible, with or without symptoms. All our activities are guided by our involvement charter and our unique service delivery, together with passion for campaigning and policy change sets us apart from other voluntary sector organisations.

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“Since being out of hospital it is so nice to be placed in a very caring, kind and supported environment to keep me well… Whenever I have had to speak to staff I have always been listened to.”

Katie, 23

“The group means so much to so many people. Some come regularly, others occasionally. It’s a safety net and a lifeline.”

Chris, 42