Our exceptional major donors make a profound impact on the lives of individuals living with severe mental illness. By contributing a gift of over £5,000, you too can help create positive outcomes for families and individuals in need. Join us in transforming lives and making a meaningful difference.

Mental illness devastates lives, but with your support, it doesn't have to.

It affects your ability to work and strains your relationships. It hurts the people closest to you as they watch you struggle to cope. Challenges like unstable housing, social stigma and overburdened healthcare services compound the already daunting experience of living with mental illness.

Our work would not be possible without the support of our major donors. With your generosity, we could create a world where people affected by mental illness do not have to suffer. We work to connect donors to areas of our work that resonate most with their passions and interests. If you would like to make a significant donation, please speak to our team to discuss the ways you can improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness.

How you can make a difference

Recognising your donation

In recognition of your support, Rethink Mental Illness will provide:

One-time, monthly, or yearly support: your kindness and generosity are invaluable.

The suicidal thoughts that have plagued me for years have finally disappeared, and I have been enjoying life to the fullest.

Service user, Suicide Prevention Services, Brighton.

To learn more about how your gift can transform lives, contact our philanthropy team: email mary.fasipe@rethink.org or call 07392 483553

Together, we can give hope to people severely affected by mental illness.