13 to 19 May 2024

We want to get the mental health conversation moving this Mental Health Awareness Week.

The public's knowledge and understanding of mental health has moved in a positive direction over the last 20 years. This has helped a lot of people.

But what about the issues affecting those of us living with severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia, OCD or bipolar disorder?

Despite 1 in 10 adults in the UK experiencing symptoms of severe mental illness, we still feel left behind in the conversation.

In fact, 93% of us living with mental illness think there is not enough awareness and understanding about what it means to be severely affected by mental illness.

That’s why, for Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re moving the conversation forward to include everyone affected by mental illness, and highlighting what needs to change.

It’s time for us to get things moving. More awareness of conditions like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, OCD, personality disorders, psychosis, dissociation. 

Take part in our physical activity survey

People living with mental illness should not have to face additional barriers when accessing physical activity. Take our survey and help us get the conversation moving on physical activity for people living with mental illness.

What we want to see

Instead of empty promises, we want to talk about reforming a Mental Health Act that's 41 years out of date.

We need to see more opportunities to find a job or career we love, and the support to stay in work. A better social security system. More places that we can call home.

And crucially, we need more awareness of what needs to change to improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness.

There’s lots to be done. So join us. Watch, read, listen, share. Together, we can make change.

If you want to get involved in our content, we'd love to hear from you. Email digitalcommunications@rethink.org to tell us the one thing you want the world to know about living with a mental illness, and we might feature it on our social media channels during the week.

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