Social Media Policy Statement - May 2022

Rethink Mental Illness stands against misinformation, hatred and racism in all its forms. We oppose the use of social media to spread hate, and like many organisations, are concerned at the perceived unwillingness of social media networks to put in place consistent and comprehensive measures to remove such content.

Consequently, we reserve the right to limit our content and/or suspend advertising, if it feels necessary to hold social media networks to account for their lack of preventative measures on hate speech.

As an established charity with a proud history of representing people living with mental illness and their carers, we will always put our beneficiaries first. Our channels have a huge propensity for good, including reducing isolation for people living with mental illness - particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With a following of over 800,000 people across all our networks, social media is one of the crucial ways we connect with our beneficiaries and signpost them to places for support. If we feel there is something important that our followers need to know, or we are aware of someone who needs our help, it is our duty to use social media to reach them.