03 2023

  • From OCD crisis to a joyful life - Georgina's story

    Georgina reflects on her long-term struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and how far she has come since her last crisis. Although her condition was unmanageable ten years ago, disrupting her goals, relationships and physical health, Georgina has taken steps to better her wellbeing and is now able to appreciate life more. Read this story for a slice of hope.

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  • “It was the small milestones that kept me going” - David's story

    In this blog, David reflects on the presence of mental illness in his life; how it has not only affected him, but his friends and family. After experiencing depression and anxiety, losing his friends to suicide and caring for his mother, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, David is passionate about raising awareness and creating positive change. He recently went on a 14-day trek in Nepal to raise money for Rethink Mental Illness. Read more about his journey here.

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  • How I befriended my schizoaffective disorder through writing – James’ story

    In this blog, James shares two coping mechanisms that have been important for his recovery: befriending his mental illness and writing for joy and relaxation. James reflects on his long journey, from being sectioned to becoming an author. Though the past few years have been full of ups and downs, it has encouraged him to learn more about his condition and to support others in similar situations.

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  • International Women's Day - "We can dream bigger"

    In this blog for International Women's Day, our Director of Finances and Estates, Tracey Simkins, talks about the progress made by women across the world, but also looks at the significant journey still to go in the pursuit of gender equity.

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  • Five recommendations to improve safety on inpatient wards

    People who find themselves in a mental health hospital should expect to be kept safe, cared for with respect and dignity, and given appropriate treatment that helps them to recover. But sadly, this is too often not the case. In this blog, we will outline the work we've done in this area and provide recommendations for change.

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  • The power of memoir-writing in the wake of suicide bereavement - Hollie's story

    After losing her father to suicide, Hollie used storytelling to make sense of her grief and to manage her own anxiety disorder. Though writing and publishing her memoir was far from cathartic, it was a way of reconstructing her trauma; to keep her father alive.

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