08 2023

  • “I still struggle with my sense of self-worth” – Lucy’s story

    In this blog, Lucy reflects on her childhood and adolescence. Although she experienced depression, an eating disorder and difficulties with self-harm, Lucy has now found joy in her studies and hobbies, with close friends and family by her side.

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  • “I could see the fun part of Mum slipping away” – Liberty’s story

    Liberty looks back on childhood memories she holds of her mother, who has experienced borderline personality disorder (BPD), paranoid personality disorder (PPD) and cyclothymia for most of her life. Using snapshots of the past and present, Liberty delicately captures the nuances of caring for a parent living with severe mental illness.

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  • How the Government’s Health and Disability White Paper Affects People Living with Mental Illness

    It can be easy to take the ability to find and maintain a job for granted. Julia Aggio, Senior Policy Officer for Rethink Mental Illness, discusses the government’s recent Health and Disability White Paper and how it will affect people living with severe mental illness and their access to the benefit system.

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  • NHS Long-Term Workforce Plan: The positives and negatives

    The demand for mental health support is rising in the UK and the NHS is under more pressure than ever before. In this blog, Kirsten from our policy team looks at the positives and negatives coming out of the long-term plan announced by the government for the NHS workforce, and how it will affect people living with mental illness.

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  • "Guilt and shame completely engulfed me" - Liam's story

    Liam reflects on his journey, from witnessing his father’s alcoholism to coming to terms with his passing. After experiencing intrusive thoughts, paranoia and overwhelming feelings of shame, he was diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and BPD (borderline personality disorder). With therapy and a supportive network, he has regained hope for the future.

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