Changing lives today.

Setting up a regular donation helps us plan ahead and provide the most effective support for people living with mental illness and their carers. With your generous support, we can change the lives of more people like Michael and their loved ones:

“I’m so grateful to this charity for how they’ve helped our family. With the knowledge they gave me, I was able to challenge the psychiatrist and learn more about the system.
“Today, Michael’s health has improved, and we’re all coping much better. By just speaking to one of us, Rethink Mental Illness helped my whole family pull together and gave Michael the help he needed.”

- Linda, Michael’s mum

To start making this life-changing difference, all you need to do is fill in your details on our secure form by clicking the button below,  or if you have any questions about giving a regular gift, please contact our Supporter Care Team on 0121 522 7007.

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How your regular gifts will make a difference

We will use any gift you give to help more people severely affected by mental illness have a better quality of life.

  • £3 a month could help to fund our Advice Service. Over the phone, it offers practical help on welfare benefits, medication, community and much more.

  • £5 a month could support vital campaigns that aim to change unfair laws and tackle discrimination against people with mental illness.

  • £10 a month could help at least two people be part of a peer support group, which offer acceptance and reassurance.